Childhood is about making things, playing games, coming up with rules and names.

Games is also a great subject for language documentation because today’s adults were children once so all adults have something to say about it.

What else? Children love photographing each other playing!

Abas – a clapping game with songs usually played by small girls, although boys play too
Ames – a jumping game played by all children, similar to Hopscotch
Ases – a game with a rhyme where children put their hands on the ground and sing out a rhyme and one after the other “lose” their fingers until only one finger is left
Ayo – a board game for two players, usually men, that is very widespread in West Africa
Ekpe – an aiming-and-throwing game played with passion by smaller children where cashew nuts are lined up in the sand and pelted with stones to knock them over
Lago – a ball game for two people, usually young boys, that reminded us of volleybal
Locker  – a strategy game where two players move stones along a grid to form a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line
Okuto – a traditional skill game where a pointy snail shell or a bottle top is spun so that it stands on its pointy end and dances on the floor, similar to a wooden top
Ring – a skill game where a child rolls a small ring, guiding it with a little stick
Tyre – a skill game where a child beats a tyre with a stick or their hand to keep it rolling
Whot – a card game that all children play

1.Ring_David Olorunmola

'Ring' by David Olorunmola

2. Playing ball_Rasheed Jimoh Momoh

'Ball' by Rasheed Jimoh Momoh

3. Abas_Senerie Abdulsalami

'Abas' by Senerie Abdulsalami

4. Lago_Samuel Obaude

'Lago' by Samuel Obaude

5. Whot_Joseph Adekole

'Whot' by Joseph Adekole

6. Lago_David Olorunmola

'Lago' by David Olorunmola

7. Tyre_Muyiwa Adekanye

'Tyre' by Muyiwa Adekanye

8. Abas_ Lucy Adu

'Abas' by Lucy Adu

9. Ames_Amoto Yekini

'Ames' by Amoto Yekini

10. Ames_Senerie Abdulsalami

'Ames' by Senerie Abdulsalami

11. Ayo olopbo_Segun Samson

'Ayo olopbo' by Segun Samson

12. Ekpe_Lucy Adu

'Ekpe' by Lucy Adu

13. Ekpe_Rasaki Ajape

'Ekpe' by Rasaki Ajape

14. Okuto game_Mercy Adekanye

'Okuto' by Mercy Adekanye

15. Locker_Mercy Adekanye

'Locker' by Mercy Adekanye

16. Ases_David Olorunmola

'Ases' by David Olorunmola

17. Ball_David Olorunmola

'Ball' by David Olorunmola

18. Okuto_Matthew Sunday

'Okuto' by Matthew Sunday

19. Whot_David Olorunmola

'Whot' by David Olorunmola

20. Ames_Mercy Adekanye

'Ames' by Mercy Adekanye

21. Ball_Samuel Obaude

'Ball' by Samuel Obaude

22. Lago_Muyiwa Adekanye

'Lago' by Muyiwa Adekanye

23. Wrestling_Muyiwa Adekanye

'Wrestling' by Muyiwa Adekanye

24. Ekpe_ Mercy Adekanye

'Ekpe' by Mercy Adekanye

25. Tyre_Senerie Abdulsalami

'Tyre' by Senerie Abdulsalami

26. Abas_Habibat Raimi

'Abas' by Habibat Raimi

1.Ring_David Olorunmola thumbnail
2. Playing ball_Rasheed Jimoh Momoh thumbnail
3. Abas_Senerie Abdulsalami thumbnail
4. Lago_Samuel Obaude thumbnail
5. Whot_Joseph Adekole thumbnail
6. Lago_David Olorunmola thumbnail
7. Tyre_Muyiwa Adekanye thumbnail
8. Abas_ Lucy Adu thumbnail
9. Ames_Amoto Yekini thumbnail
10. Ames_Senerie Abdulsalami thumbnail
11. Ayo olopbo_Segun Samson thumbnail
12. Ekpe_Lucy Adu thumbnail
13. Ekpe_Rasaki Ajape thumbnail
14. Okuto game_Mercy Adekanye thumbnail
15. Locker_Mercy Adekanye thumbnail
16. Ases_David Olorunmola thumbnail
17. Ball_David Olorunmola thumbnail
18. Okuto_Matthew Sunday thumbnail
19. Whot_David Olorunmola thumbnail
20. Ames_Mercy Adekanye thumbnail
21. Ball_Samuel Obaude thumbnail
22. Lago_Muyiwa Adekanye thumbnail
23. Wrestling_Muyiwa Adekanye thumbnail
24. Ekpe_ Mercy Adekanye thumbnail
25. Tyre_Senerie Abdulsalami thumbnail
26. Abas_Habibat Raimi thumbnail