One afternoon, everyone went for a long walk through the bush and farms to a steep hill.

trip2_Lucy Adu

Mercy on the tree by Lucy Adu

trip4_Lucy Adu

by Lucy Adu

trip5_Matthew Sunday

Soji by Matthew Sunday

trip6_Lucy Adu

Photographers by Lucy Adu

trip7_Muyiwa Adekanye

Tree by Muyiwa Adekanye

trip8_Lakun Obasoro

David by Lakun Obasoro

trip9_Mercy Adekanye

Photographers by Mercy Adekanye

trip10_Taiwo Yusuf

Cashew by Taiwo Yusuf

trip11_Rasaki Ajape

Going up by Rasaki Ajape

trip1_Taiwo Yusuf

Bird nest by Taiwo Yusuf

Animals1_Segun Samson

Cows by Segun Samson

Animals2_Mathew Obagaye

Chicken by Mathew Obagaye

Animals3_Mercy Adekanye

Donkey by Mercy Adekanye

Animals4_Rasaki Ajape

Lizard by Rasaki Ajape

Animals5_Mathew Obagaye

Goat by Mathew Obagaye

Animals6_Rasaki Ajape

Little ones by Rasaki Ajape

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