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  • The study of the sea: winter Adriatics

  • Your uncertain shadow

    Two capitals of two former empires – Moscow and London – happened to me so far. The first one I did not choose, the second one I did. It is rather symbolic that the start of my life in London in Autumn 2003 coincided with the Weather Project exhibition at Tate Modern by Olafur Eliasson. […]

  • From across the pond

    to return from the road trip across the USto London, with familiar mews, crescents and turns,yet there are more streets than i can count. to show one beast to another,who did not walk here for three decades.much has changed in the docks, in the City, in everywhere,but not the darkroom in St Martin-in-the-Fields’ crypt. not […]

  • A sketch for the centenary

    My paternal grandfather Mikhail Gefter was a historian, philosopher, intellectual. As an adult, years after his death I learned of his pupils throughout the world,  of his philosophical and historical writings,  and of the platform for social sciences and intellectual thought named after him. Many called him МЯ (Михаил Яковлевич – Mikhail Yakovlevich). I called […]

  • My Europe

    The end of the era perhaps? A new chapter? Of history. Of my history. I spent my twenties struggling and fighting to get the European passport. I finally did, just weeks after I turned 30. Inner drive to be at home in Europe was huge – would not have had the energy and the resources now. London happened […]

  • Acacias Bloom

    Last year I have been awarded an Asylum Arts Grant to collaborate with a Ukrainian musician Olesya Zdorovetska to research Debora Vogel, an overlooked Polish Yiddish writer of poetry, prose, literary and art criticism from the 1930s avant-garde Lviv. And so in July 2016, supported by the Asylum Arts (US) and a-n Travel Bursary  (UK) off we went on our audio-visual […]

  • Impromptu from the Carpathians

    Last month I reconnected with the places of my childhood holidays – Lviv and the Carpathian mountains in Western Ukraine. This area (former Galicia) was for centuries on the crossroads between Middle and Eastern Europe, and so it is small wonder that it has become a melting pot of people and cultures – Ukrainian, Jewish, […]

  • Seaside: inside outside

    © Asya Gefter

  • into the new year with…

    patience, warmth and small wonders for all of us ))

  • Autumnal sketches