Your uncertain shadow

Two capitals of two former empires – Moscow and London – happened to me so far. The first one I did not choose, the second one I did. It is rather symbolic that the start of my life in London in Autumn 2003 coincided with the Weather Project exhibition at Tate Modern by Olafur Eliasson. For months I found myself feeling that internal sun as a response to my choice of the city. 16 years later Eliasson came back to Tate with ‘In Real Life’. His 39-metre long tunnel of dense fog and ‘Your uncertain shadow’ projects rather well describe the permutations that have happened with me over the years. I am 39 now, my life seems more uncertain than ever, and yet, I feel hopeful about stepping into the next decade of my life, into the next decade of the 21th century.

Olafur Eliasson ‘In Real Life’, Tate Modern, London 2019 (photos by Asya Gefter)